Bunn Leisure Activities - Funfair


Bunn Leisure Activities – Funfair

Roll up! Roll up! Come visit the West Sands Funfair, get in a spin on the waltzers & scream on the sizzler or simply bounce the day away on the trampolines. All the fun of the fair!

£10 all day unlimited rides.

At the funfair, we’ve got lots of rides available for all the family:



Roller Coaster

12 bed trampolines

Snake slide

Train ride

Swan ride

10 paddle boats

Cups and saucer ride

Toy set ride

Fantasia figure 8 car track

Not only that but the Saltings Family Diner and Kiosk is open everyday too from 10am – 6pm!

You can get the following from the kiosk:


Hot Dogs


Ice cream

Slush Puppy


Whereas the diner sells all day breakfast, and has lots of great deals such as 2 meals for £10!