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Marine Life Walks and Ecology Talks

Mulberry Divers is a SSI Blue Oceans Centre, located in Selsey, West Sussex and we are lucky enough to have the Selsey Bill and the Hounds Marine Conservation Zones (MCZ) extending from our beaches to the Mixon Hole. The ecosystems here provide a home for some amazing life and we want to help you discover it! 

Walks are led by a qualified SSI Marine Ecology Instructor who during your walk will show you where to find some of the life on our shores and provide you with facts and information about those residents and the ones you cannot see. If you enjoy rock pooling this is a great family activity. Each walk lasts for about 1.5 hours and we visit a variety of sites in Selsey, including Selsey Bill, East Beach near Pagham Harbour, Selsey Lifeboat Station and West Beach. If you come prepared to wade in shallow water, you can see even more! You are welcome to bring a camera to record your walk. 

Walks are offered every Wednesday at West Sands meeting at 11:00 outside the exterior entrance to The Oasis, West Sands. 

Special upcoming dates in other Selsey locations include the following. Meet point will be confirmed at time of booking 

Tuesday 4th August 17:30 Wednesday 19th August 17:30 Friday 21st August 18:30 (please bring a picnic for afterwards if you like) 

£15 per person

Marine Life Walk with Ecology Talk 

If you would like to learn more about the local Selsey marine life and seas, why not consider completing an ecology talk prior to your walk. We offer a three-hour online class that can be delivered online to you. We will look at the ecosystems, residents, challenges they face and things we can do help. The course is taught as an introduction to Marine Ecology and is focused on local marine life and biodiversity that you might see when walking, snorkelling, freediving, or scuba diving at Selsey. During the walk we look at and discuss what you learnt about on the talk. 

£40 per person talk and walk special price 

£35 per person talk only 

Guided Snorkel Tours 

Just off the beach at Selsey, there is one of the UKs designated Marine Conservation Zones (MCZ), Selsey Bill and the Hounds which includes the Mixon Hole. Accessible from the shore and by boat the MCZ provides a home for some amazing life. From tiny fish and prawns to large wrasse and rays there is so much to see if you know where to look. Snorkellers generally get closer to the life than divers, you are quieter, and it is often inquisitive. 

Shore Snorkel Tours – Led by a SSI Professional these tours give the opportunity for participants to practice their skills under guidance, improve technique and learn where to look for life. We start by looking at safety procedures and practice in shallow water, before heading off to explore sites around Selsey including Selsey Lifeboat Station, East Beach and West Beach. Each tour will last about 1.5 hours. 

No previous experience is required, you just need to be water confident and able to swim at least 20ms unaided. We do cover everything you need on this tour however a Try Snorkel pool session first is excellent for teaching basic skills, how to get the best out of your equipment and building confidence so you can concentrate on having fun. A great family activity, children over 10 are welcome we just ask that they are accompanied by an adult. We encourage you to bring along a waterproof camera, you never know who we might see!! 

Cost £50 per person

Monday and Friday from 31st July for the shore tours. Private tours by arrangement.

Must be booked and paid for in advance.

Guided Boat Tours

We offer a selection of tours to visit shallow sites off-shore including the Inner Mulberry (off Pagham) and Mixon Reef ledge/Hound Reef (0ff West Beach). Each tour is led by a SSI Professional to help you as needed, show participants around, point out where to look for marine life and explain what you are seeing. Our RHiB is equipped with a ladder for easy entry back on board. 

Each boat tour will last about 2 hours, please note that participants must be able to climb the ladder unaided under social distancing. We are in open water during these tours and in addition to your SSI professional our boat skipper will keep watch however you must have previous snorkelling experience before going off the boat. You can gain this experience by completing a Try Snorkel, Snorkel Diver Course or Guided Shore Tour first. 

Cost £75 per person

Boat Tours – please contact us for dates

Must be booked and paid for in advance.

Scuba Diving

An introduction to the underwater world and use of SCUBA equipment. Try Scuba allows you to experience the feeling of weightlessness and sensation of breathing underwater. Led by fully qualified SSI professionals the session will start with a short safety introduction to the equipment before entering the water. You will then have the opportunity, under guidance, to gain confidence and swim around having fun. 

Session Length: 45 minutes to include briefing 

Location: Oasis Pool 

Days and times: TBC 

Cost: £50 per guest 


An introduction to the sport of freediving, where participants can experience the relaxing and natural way to enjoy the water. Led by a qualified SSI Professional you will discover Freediving has many benefits and is great for fitness and fun. The experience will be divided into two parts, the first an online remote 30-minute session, to introduce correct breathing technique and safety information. This is followed by a 30-minute pool session where you will discover how you are born to Freedive! 

Session length: 30 minutes online session, 30 minutes in water 

Days and times: TBC 

Location: Oasis Pool 

Cost: £50 per guest


Snorkelling is an extremely accessible activity for anyone who likes to be in the water and see the life. The activity is great for families and those wishing to improve confidence. During the session, the SSI Professional will show you how to get the best from your snorkelling equipment and teach practical safety tips for snorkelling in open water. 

Session Length: 45-minutes in pool 

Location: Oasis Pool 

Cost: £45 per guest 

Terms and conditions - Marine Life Walk with Ecology Talk 

Must be booked and paid for in advance. 

There is a declaration to be completed and returned by 3pm the day prior to your walk. 

All walks adhere to safe practices, full details are included in with your declaration at the time of booking. 


Social Distancing will always be observed with at least 1.5 meters. 

SSI Professional will wear a mask and carry hand sanitizer for your use. 

Children welcome but under 14 must be accompanied by an adult. 

Minimum numbers apply for sessions to run (walks 3 people, talks and talk/walk 2 people) If your session does not meet minimum numbers you will be advised with your options. 

10% Owners Discount can apply 

Cancellation and refund Policy 

If cancelled by you up to 48 hours in advance a 50% refund will apply 

If cancelled by us, you are entitled to select another date or have a full refund.