Oasis Wellness Suite

Opening times: 7am – 7pm (8pm during peak times)

The Oasis Bay - Waterfront Complex

The Wellness Suite is only available for guests aged 16+.

To avoid disappointment please check via the portal, or at reception, to confirm any seasonal or changes to the opening times.

Our Wellness Suite Facilities

  • Cold Cave
  • Jacuzzi
  • Heated Foot Bath
  • Sauna
  • Steam Room
  • Salt Lounge
  • Experience shower
  • Changing Rooms & Showers

Day sessions – 90 minutes spa and swim

£24 full price, £20 holiday guest

Evening sessions – 60 minutes spa and swim

£18 full price, £16 holiday guest

Please arrive 10 minutes before your session time starts with all of your holiday passes and booking ID number.

Please read the full description for Health & Safety information.

From: £16.00

Rules and Safety

The following safety guidance and rules have been put in place for your safety and that of all guests. If you have any questions, or concerns, please discuss these with the Wellness Suite reception.

Using the Jacuzzi

Check the safety implications with your doctor if you are suffering from…

  • Heart disease
  • Low or high blood pressure
  • Circulatory problems
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity

You cannot use the jacuzzi if…

  • You have an infectious disease, including fungal infections
  • You are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, as this could risk drowning
  • You are pregnant
  • Your medication causes drowsiness, affects your heart rate, blood pressure or circulation
  • You are under 16
  • You have just completed a strenuous workout

The risks of prolonged heat

While many of us love a long hot bubbly soak, spending too long in a jacuzzi can be dangerous, so be safe and limit your time in the tub.

Prolonged immersion in hot water can result in a condition called hyperthermia. This happens when your internal body temperature exceeds 37 degrees centigrade. Symptoms include an inability to perceive temperature and danger. You will be unaware that you need to get out of the jacuzzi because your body is malfunctioning. You could become unconscious, with the associated risk of drowning.

Before you get in

You must shower before getting into a hot tub. Perfumes, hair products, creams and fake tan can contaminate the water. You may be charged if you don’t wash-off all your products first.

Tie long hair up and ensure any loose clothing can be kept away from the rotating heads when you are in the tub. Remove all jewellery and watches before entering the jacuzzi.

Using the jacuzzi, comfort and care

Always make sure the water is comfortable before getting in by testing it with your hand, or elbow. Remember the area around the tub may be wet so please be careful and use the hand rails provided to enter the tub. Take extra care when getting in and out of the tub, to avoid a fall.

Hot tub maintenance can be expensive, as well as time-consuming. Please treat the jacuzzi with utmost care, to ensure it is safe and available for everyone to enjoy.

If the water becomes contaminated, we will need to close the jacuzzi until it has been drained and cleaned. Whenever the tub has been refilled you will need to be patient as it takes time to heat back up to the right temperature.

So, don’t …

  • Use any kind of detergent or soaps in the tub
  • Use any glassware or crockery near or in the jacuzzi
  • Drink the water, submerge your head under water, or open your mouth in the water
  • Allow anyone to sleep in jacuzzi, it is very deep
  • Stand on the jacuzzi edges, nor jump on or in the tub
  • Attempt to open any electrical boxes, or remove any of the fittings, under any circumstances
  • Remove the suction fittings (filter standpipes), or in anyway tamper with the jacuzzi

Using the sauna and steam room

Safety exclusions

If you are not eligible for using the jacuzzi due to any exclusions or associated risks, for your own safety please refrain from using the sauna and steam room.

Clean and clothed

You are required to shower before using the facilities and to where suitable swimwear. Be courteous to your other guests, in the way you share the space and leave it tidy.

Hot but not bothered

The doors must be kept closed to keep the heat in. Please remember to limit your time inside either room, to avoid being bothered by the risks of prolonged exposure to heat, explained in detail above.

Spa Etiquette

Please be courteous to others and keep noise to a minimum, leave your mobile phones and cameras in your locker, and refrain from saving seating areas with towels and robes. Keep your valuables safely locked in your locker and keep your locker key safe. Eating, smoking and e-cigarettes are not allowed anywhere in the Wellness Suite. There is a chilled water fountain available, from which you can drink or refill a bottle.

All you need

When you visit the Wellness Suite, please bring:

  • Your own towel and a robe
  • Suitable swimwear
  • Flip flops/wet swim shoes are allowed in the spa area (no trainers/other outdoor footwear)
  • A £1 refundable deposit for your locker
  • Your booking ID number shown on your confirmation email
  • Your Holiday pass to be shown to the receptionist when you check in for your session


Cancellation Policy

We require 24 hours’ notice to amend or cancel a booking. We will do our utmost to reschedule sessions for you, subject to availability. Unfortunately, any session not cancelled within 24 hours is not eligible for a refund.

Similarly, if you are late for a session, the full cost remains chargeable.