How technology helped us through lockdown

We may have chosen to ignore it before, but not even the most reluctant of tech fans could not deny…technology helped us all through lockdown.

And nowhere more than our very own Kings Park Village. We even made it into the news!

Aside from the food and medication delivery service we were able to provide – all processed online, we had bingo games and quizzes on Zoom, a Facebook group for keeping in touch and video calls to our families.

And for those of you who were new to this kind of technology, we were thrilled to give you lessons through your window. We particularly enjoyed the filming of the Thursday Clap for the NHS!

Get involved

So, how can you continue your new respect for tech? The answer is…any way you like.

There’s no shortage of technology for all kind of activities. And the great news is, there’s no shortage of support either. You could be a nervous novice or have an illness or disability- there are no barriers.

You don’t have to be uploading photos from the Bingo on Instagram or learning the latest dance craze in TikTok! Technology is a valuable tool that can improve your mental wellbeing, your social life, prevent loneliness and make it easier to shop and manage your bills. It could even save your life.

The internet, mobile devices, social media, fitness devices, home security, video calls and personal alarms are being used more by the over 75’s than ever before.

At Kings Park Village, we’re in favour of anything which supports independent living. So, why not give technology and the internet a go? There are some useful guides for getting started here.

Keep going

The use of technology meant that we were able to keep our residents safe and cared for during lockdown, without feeling lonely and isolated. It would be wonderful if you continued your journey with technology and embraced it just as much as we do.

There’s nothing like a wave from a neighbour or a shake of a hand, but during such strange times – a video call or spot of online shopping can raise our spirits, help us connect and get us through an otherwise lonely time.

We’d love to hear from you if you’d like advice, support or guidance with the use of technology. If there is anything the staff at Kings Park Village can do to help, please let us know.