Kings Park Village – in the news!

As the largest holiday park in the UK, we’re no strangers to the headlines – there’s always a good story from our wonderful community of residents. And this time, we were delighted when our very own estate team were honoured and celebrated during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The KPV Heroes

With the support of our owners, Cove Communities, a lockdown support system was created to ensure that all of our residents were cared for during the pandemic. It was our goal that nobody would be hungry or be lonely.

The dedicated team were quick to react to the needs of the KPV community. Not long after Boris Johnson addressed the nation, the estate staff put their plans into action.

  • All of our residents were offered a fresh food and medication delivery service five times a week – with no delivery service fee.


  • The Click and Collect Service was also extended to carers who could also use the service to shop for clients rather than visiting a supermarket. This meant more time spent with their client, as well as keeping the carer and their own families safe by minimising the risk of catching the virus while shopping.


  • Alongside this, each resident was given a red and green sign to be placed in their window – to indicate if they needed help or not. A simple and effective warning system commended by thankful residents who may not otherwise have reached out.


  • And on top of the 24/7 security at Kings Park Village which is always in place, all non-essential work and visitors were closely monitored to lower potential transmission of the deadly disease.

As the BBC and the Mirror report mentioned, our residents were all able to communicate via a Facebook page during this lonely and frightening time. We gave lessons on Zoom and Facetime and even had 1,000 hot cross buns delivered during Easter – all to raise morale.

“Lucky to be this side of the gate”

Residents Georgina and Arthur Bryne, wrote to thank the team:

“We would like to thank Rob, Staff, Security and Helpers for all the hard work and time in keeping the park safe. Rob’s shopping is a great asset to us (keeps us fed and watered). And all the other things you have and are doing to get us through this sad time. Very lucky to be this side of the gate and very much appreciate you all. All our love.”

Rob Turner, Head of the Residential Division for Cove, said “The food scheme was implemented after it was found that two elderly residents had not eaten for a week. Sadly, we lost three residents to this awful disease. Thankfully, we are over the worst of it – but we will continue to employ staff to carry out deliveries. A lot of these people don’t have family or anyone else to rely on.”

We would like to congratulate and thank our estate team once again for all their hard work and dedication in helping our friends at King Park Village. You’re an absolute credit to us all.